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We share artful pieces that inspire the creative spirit. Welcome into a world where things aren't as they seem, or they seem as they aren't like the world of a dream. Reality meets it's mystic muse in an illustrated storybook called The Bezert. Bezert has never left the safety and comfort of his home. But when a box magically appears below his window, it proves too tempting not to take a look. By entering the box, the Bezert begins a journey of self-discovery in a dreamlike world of unknowns and mysterious inhabitants. 

On other pages, Totum Fauna illustrative sculptures will tell you stories of their own if you listen closely. They speak through their captivatingly soulful gazes. Ethereal & sublime Medistrations are also available here for you to decipher. Each piece is it's own narrative, dreamlike landscape. Are you intrigued? Step inside... take a look.


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